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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

General election 6th May - but who do we vote for in Oakham and Melton?

Having considered long and hard - wanting Dinky Dunk the matchbox Hunk to be kicked into touch - just so I feel I have an MP to represent me if nothing else. Dinky Dunk doesn't do much representing of those who are less privileged.

We don't have a Job Centre, the bus service to Peterborough returns at 16.40 - so one can't even catch a bus to and from work.

Graham Hudson - A Military smugness surrounds him - came third last time, so my money is on John Morgan the Labour candidate who has shown a degree of independence from the Labour Party.

Oddly for a 'safe' seat we seem to have a 70% turnout. What was it Stalin said? To paraphrase from a faulty memory something along the lines of:

'It is not the people who cast the votes that matter, but those who count the votes.'

Vote early to prevent those who would use your vote to vote often is my advice.

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