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Monday, 10 May 2010

Meeting 12th May 2010 Council misbehaving again!

Have just been to the Council Offices in the Victoria Hall to ask for copy of Standing Orders before the meetings at 6pm and 7pm on Wednesday. All members of the public are encouraged to attend to hold this irresponsible Council to account and perhaps abolish the Council altogether, since the law / Local Government Act and Council Standing Orders are something they walk over with impunity.

Have sent letter:

Oakham Town Council
Victoria Hall
By Hand 10TH May 2010

Dear Alison
I found it unacceptable that Cllrs Maureen Dodds and Joyce Lucas offered to post a copy of the Council Standing Orders to me – no doubt second class to arrive after the Wednesday meetings.
I have been advised to write to you formally requesting a copy be handed to me when I call into the Council Offices in Victoria Hall tomorrow.
This action on the part of Councillors merely adds to the body of evidence that the Town Council requires a full audit of all procedures. The Council appears to believe it can frustrate the Local Government Act and its own Standing Orders – or reinterpret them in such fashion as to make a nonsense of the democratic process.
I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Helen Pender

I called back into the Council Offices and saw Alison Greaves again today when I hand delivered this letter. WOW! What a star. She looked up the Standing Orders and was able to give me a copy today. Many many many thanks Alison. Great to have someone working in the office who is capable, efficient and able to consult standing orders correctly.

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