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Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Public rally - hear eyewitness accounts from the Mavi Marmara

Released hostages have returned home to give accounts of Monday's attack that differ greatly from that pushed by Israel in the immediate aftermath of the incident. Contrary to Israel 's claim that its soldiers acted in self-defence, witnesses have described how the Israelis shot to kill, with at least four activists being intentionally shot in the head. It has emerged that the truth behind Israel 's claim that activists on the boat were armed is that some passengers desperately tried to defend themselves with whatever was to hand after the Israelis began firing live rounds. Witnesses also described how the injured were denied medical treatment for several hours, as Israeli soldiers ignored pleas for help.

Come to a public rally to hear first-hand what actually happened aboard the Mavi Marmara and beyond. The meeting will feature several activists from the flotilla.

7pm on Wednesday 9th June in Conway Hall, Red Lion Square . (nearest tube: Holborn).

My comment:

The atrocity committed by Israel deserves international condemnation. Unfortunately our politicians, of all parties, are soft peddaling on this one and it seems Israel may eventually be allowed to investigate its own atrocity.

What happened on the Mavi Mara, seems to any disinterested independent observer is that the IDF (Israeli Defence Force) soldiers arrived toting guns and shooting to kill. When those on the boat turned to 'boat things' to defend themselves they were accused of terrorism and some MPs in this country have been happy to peddle that story.

Defending ones self with 'boat things' in international waters against gun toting soldiers who have boarded illegally is not yet a terrorist offence ... or is it?

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