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Monday, 28 June 2010

Do the Police serve the Council or the Community?

The Nettle bouquet goes to Oakham Police and Inspector Johnny Monks - well done guys!

I have just received the following email from Martin Brookes:

"Standards Complaint Charles Haworth

Mr Haworth abused his position as a councillor he used his possition to influence the police and along with ex Cllr Beech asked the police to issue a stage one harrasment order against me.

I feel this is due to the amendment of the which now show Cllr Haworth obstructed me at a previous meeting.

Cllr Howarth is able to influence the police because of his connection with JAG

I of course exercised my right to refuse acceptance of the notices."

If true this is outrageous. Can anyone recommend a decent out of area human rights lawyer prepared to work pro bono - this tyranny is so out of hand that it beats the comedy evening at the Merry Monk last night.

Considering Jim Harrison's posts about Martin Brookes this smacks of double standards of such an order that it beggars belief anyone at all can justify it.

See Rutlandshire blog:

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